2013 Deals Gap Trip
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    Hello all,

    Every year I take a week off and I go riding in the mountains. I usually stay with about 7 people in a bad ass cabin in Robbinsville, NC( 13 miles from Deals Gap).

    I have taken many types of bikes up there, but my choice of bike is my drz400 sm, but after handing some people there ass on the dub I might be changing my mind. Not really, but there is no doubt I will be bringing two bikes again.

    Here I am all loaded up and head to my buddy's house to get more bikes.

    This year I rode with my buddy and his girl. You got to love this fold up trailer I got and the two bikes in the bed off the truck. (3 drz's, 1 Honda 230, 1 tw200)

    I will be posting more pictures as we get more, do here are a few:

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    Oh ya............. We rode the gap last summer on the dubs..... They handle greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat... We stayed in robinsville also... We went on the moonshiner 28 and liked it better... Also went on the trail of tears up that slippery gravel, narrow side road.... What great riding there... Have fun. OMM.

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    The Dragon and Dub's go well together. Just watch out for the speed traps!! Remember.It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.

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