Crutcher's Crossing - Owyhee River
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Thread: Crutcher's Crossing - Owyhee River

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    This past weekend, my wife and I decided to go back to Owyhee County, in extreme SW Idaho, as a follow up to our earlier in the months ride Juniper Mtn. We wanted to do more exploring of the area before the heat of summer sets in.

    Day 1:

    Our plan for the day after departing camp, was to head south on Juniper Mtn, veer SE towards Red Canyon, head west to Bull Basin Camp and south towards Crutcher's Crossing. Problem was, when we got to Bull Basin Camp, there was a no trespassing sign posted on the fence, which we thought we had to go through in order to head south. We scratched our heads for a while and decided to keep heading west towards the C Ranch and see if there was another access road to the crossing. Well, we didn't find one, and with the day getting long, we decided to head back to camp and study the maps/gps and try and figure a way to the crossing. Of, course we still had some adventuring to accomplish before camp.

    Our weekends routes

    After passing Juniper Mtn, something caught my eye. At first I thought it was a mine, but turned out to be some kind of dugout and not a mine


    What ever this place was, (guessing a cowboy camp) it was still neat

    Old corral

    As we headed south near Rough Mtn., we came to a crossroads. Actually, the BLM has marked these old jeep trails really well.

    We would run into signs like this at almost every intersection

    On to Red Canyon and Bull Basin. Through the natural gap in the distance is the Owyhee River Canyon. Took 2 days, but

    we eventually made it

    My wife and Jessie Dog as we head west towards Red Canyon

    With the area being so remote, we can just park on the jeep trail for lunch without worrying about blocking the trail.

    Beautiful view of Owyhee River Canyon from our lunch spot.

    More to come...
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    Day 1 continued:

    Continuing west after lunch towards Bull Basin, we dip down into Red Canyon. Really pretty this time of year

    Of course we've been geocaching along the way. Here is one after we left Red Canyon. Georgie trying to keep cool in the shade of the tree

    Peter Creek. Not as deep of a descent as Red Canyon, but still pretty

    From here we made it to Bull Basin Camp where we couldn't decide if we were allowed to go through the private property. So, at the time we decided

    to keep heading west and eventually ended up at the C Ranch (no photo's).

    At this point weren't not lost lost, but we do end up on a dead end spur and had to double back before taking a different trail back towards the east.

    So after a few hours of riding in the middle of some Juniper tree's, we come to another marked intersection. Well, wife said it was only 5:30 so we

    headed to the Middle Fork of the Owyhee River

    As the wife approaches the river, Georgie guides her into were I parked

    Jessie Dog takes a little break in the water to cool off.

    So does Georgie and my wife

    Here is the Middle Fork of the Owyhee River. I bet it's close to bone dry during the heat of the summer. Not to deep at the

    end of May

    Neat rock formations in these canyon's

    More to come
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    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Just outstanding! I'm so jealous of you folks in the west. You find some amazing places to ride, Thanks for the pic's.
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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    Middle Fork Owyhee River continued

    and another rock formation. Very pretty spot if you want to cowboy camp. Ain't getting no 5th wheel camper down here!!

    Well, after stopping here for a while, we called it a day and headed back to camp.

    Next morning, the lovely couple is ready to head off and make it to Crutcher's Crossing. (Note the darkening clouds)

    Today we take the direct route south over Juniper Mtn, past Bull Basin Camp and start our descent into Crutcher's Crossing.

    After some lengthy discussion, we decided we could pass through the no trespassing area as long as we stayed on the road.

    The road to Crutcher's Crossing is a corridor road through the wilderness area, so we had to be allowed...right? I think we're ok

    We have to be ok. In the far right of this photo is a SUV approaching from the crossing. We talked with them for a while, and they've been here before

    and agreed that it's just fine to pass through Bull Basin Camp as long as we stay on the road

    Another view of the canyon as we're getting closer

    The river is in sight!!! And not to soon. I've already dropped the TW on the rocks while descending. I didn't fall and didn't notice any damage (Yet), so I kept

    going. I was however thinking to myself how steep this is and how am I gonna get back up after dropping the TW already. Then I started to use my brain...

    I have a dual sprocket setup with a 55T to get me out of trouble. Yeah, that's what I'll do, change to my trail sprocket. Hadn't needed it up to this point

    Looking left, I can see the old grain bin near the homestead site. Not sure how or why they needed a grain bin down here. Must of been hard to get it here

    but there is also no real place to grow crops! You can also see the road on the far side across the river (south).

    And here we are at the old Crutcher's Crossing homestead site. Not much left of the old wood structure's which burned in the 2007 as a result of a large range fire started by

    lightning. This homestead started by some cowboy/ranchers back in the 1880's to drive cattle across the river, and hold them up in the winter. Legend

    also mentions that horse and cattle thief's used this spot as well.

    You can't actually cross the river from the homestead site. Maybe once upon a time you could, but now you have to head down stream a few hundred

    yards in order to actually cross the river. We didn't cross, but had our lunch along the banks down by the river. Great views of the canyon!!

    More to come
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    Crutcher's Crossing - down by the river...continued

    Georgie spending a little time in the water cooling off. By the way, it wasn't really that warm and the clouds are starting to build

    After lunch, I spent about 10 minutes changing to my 55T sprocket. What a great mod this has turned out to be. I give full

    credit to mrgizmow and all the others which pioneered this dual sprocket setup

    Well, as you can see by my wife's rain gear, that it started to rain on our way out. Hard rain with winds. Ended up raining all the way back

    to camp. About 17-18 miles or so. And good and slow just to make sure I got good and wet!

    Wife also carried all the dogs back out of Crutcher's Crossing. I was pretty nervous making it out of there on the TW and

    didn't need a dog on the back distracting me. Ended up making it out just fine. TW tractored right on up the hill without skipping a beat.

    My heart on the other hand...

    Well folks, that just about wraps up this ride report. Just one thing of note though, after we got back to camp and unloaded our machine's, I noticed my metal

    water bottle had a new shape to it. Apparently dropping your TW on the rock's, can cause some damage. Glad it was the water bottle and not the TW...or me!!

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    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Nice ride report. I sure would like to see Idaho sometime, especially if it was on my tw.

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    Wow what a great ride! When did you change the color of your bike?


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    You guys know how to live........................ (o; !!!! Those photos are great..... I didn't know you had two crazy bike riding dogs... Thanks for the trip report. OMM.

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    That is a great report. I have been to some of that country but not as extensively as you two.

    Your dual-sprocket system looks like it works great.

    I am relegated to vicarious TW Adventures for the next 4 months. On 4-17-13 I had my right shoulder joint replaced and am required to mellow out on foot for at least 4 montha.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral View Post
    This past weekend, my wife and I decided to go back to Owyhee County.......

    Boy, talk about the "Back of Beyond" !!!!!

    Did you see ANY humans besides those in the SUV?

    What have you got in mind next? I'm really ready for some outback camping, wife's getting off the crutches soon, which means she can cook again.....

    After two months, being head nurse 24 hours a day is getting real old....
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