Wenatchee Complex Fire Ride
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    Parked at my usual spot outside of Kittitas, WA. Tried to ride up to Wenatchee Mountain but was blocked by a HUGE wall of snow. I turned around and went west towards Haney Meadow. This area burned last year. It was part of the Wenatchee Complex Fire which was lightning caused. It basically burned up the mountains to the south and west of Wenatchee, WA I was basically at the southeastern edge of it.

    It was sad to see such a beautiful place burn, but I know that life will soon return. Once I got into the area it didn't look too bad. Scorched trees that still had their limbs and some of the grasses were still there. The further west and north I went, the fire did more damage. Trees totally burned, the only thing remaining was the main trunk. Most grasses were gone. The ash on the ground made the area look like the surface of the moon. The fire officials warned of flash floods following the fire, and with the ash on the ground I can see why. Theres nothing to hold the water back.

    On the bright side, with no limbs blocking the sun, the road was snow free. I made it to the top of the ridge and connected with the Liberty-Beehive Road. If I went west, I would have gone by Haney Meadow and Ken Wilcox Horse Camp, both of which had fire damage. If I continued to head west I could have gone to Blewett Pass to the north, or Ellensburg to the south. East would have taken me to the Wenatchee Heights area just outside of Wenatchee.

    Dumb me forgot that the road is closed from October 15th through June 15th, so I back tracked and headed up to the Colockum area.

    Just under 83 miles, which is a long ride for me. I had to switch to my reserve at about 75 miles.

    It was a wonderful day to ride. Temps were in the 70's and sunny skies. Two weeks ago I rode in the same area and a lot of it was covered with snow. Snow was falling from the sky and I froze my butt off. Its amazing how fast the seasons can change.

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    Man that looks like a cool place to explore, Thanks!
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    Great ride report and video, Rainman. It's sad to see the damage caused by the fires, but I guess that's part of the cycle of life. I suppose in the northwest it won't take long to green up again. Thanks for taking us along.
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    When I ride through a burnt area, the tree's always look like "tree headstones" in a forest cemetery. I know for the most part wildfires are a part of the cycle, but whether natural or human caused, I'm always saddened when I drive into a burnt area. Even though shortly after the fire life begins anew, we typically will never see the area as it was before the fire in our lifetime. For me that's the sad part. Of course there are a lot of other economical and environmental issues which arise from a wildfire, but strickly from the beauty aspect, it's a huge change. Interesting none the less!

    I've run into those roads with a specific time period which they are open. One year we arrived at one the day before it opened. There is no photographic evidence or anyone willing to testify if we did or didn not go around the closed sign. For the record, I'll tell you we did not go around the sign and disobey any posted signage.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    ce R/R Rain, Thank you!

    We need to meet back up there again, had fun.

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