Not a TW but love this set-up!
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    Cool Not a TW but love this set-up!

    Hi Guys,
    My buddy and his sister are getting ready to go on a week long off-road motorcycle trip to the Yellowstone area. They're going to trailer the bikes somewhere in the area and then I guess he has a cabin lined up through the Forest Service. He will be borrowing my TW for his sister to use. Check out the picture he just sent me of his Husky & Moto-Mule that he will be using! I love this set-up! (Picture was taken in Eastern Washington above Lake Entiat)

    My questions: Has anyone found any good trails in Washington State with Forest Service cabin access? Any details that you can share would be much appreciated. I'm mainly looking for location recommendations and any booking information. Also, just wondering how many of you travel the back roads with trailers attached to your TW? Pictures and equipment info would be great. How well do they track behind you on the rough terrain? Thanks!
    Brian's Husky & Moto-Mule.jpg

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    Paging Mr.Bracket...

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    That is really nice but I think I would point the gun in the other direction.

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