His and Hers weekend getaway
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Thread: His and Hers weekend getaway

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    His and Hers weekend getaway

    Wife and I went for a little weekend getaway on the TWs.

    Loaded up and ready to roll.

    First stop off in Darrington for a quick warm bite to eat, potato wedges and chicken strips for lunch.
    View of White Horse MT from the gas station.

    Off we go to find some offroad riding. Came upon the first river. The N. Sauk River or the White Chuck not sure .

    On the way to find a camp site I see a side road that I think may be interesting to take, goes over Rat Trap Pass. I kinda think I know where it will come out at, so we will see.
    Came across this Water Fall along the road.

    There was some sort of VIP tour going on on this road. Search and rescue giving some VIPs from Olympia the tour.

    Over the pass and down to what I think is the Suiattle river.
    Wife sitting on the bridge. Not sure what the high sides are for.

    Across the bridge and I see that I've been on this side before. So we turn left and head North. We come out back on HWY 530. Make another left and in 5 miles we are back in Darrington. Another quick stop at the Shell station for gas and we are off again to the mountain loop hwy. This time no detours, we need to find a camp site. It's Aug. in Wash. and everyone and their brother is out camping. We were looking for a FREE site along the river and so was everyone else. About 20mi. in we found a site and started setting up camp.

    The Sauk River next to our camp.

    As you could see the weather was great. Had a great dinner of Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. Then off to bed. THEN all hell breaks loose. THUNDER, LIGHTING and yes RAIN, every tent camper nightmare. We did have a little tarp over our tent but that was a joke. There's a reason they call camping in Western Washington Blue tarp camping, never leave home without several. Side note I think my brother takes at least 7 or 8 when they go camping. Well it didn't take long and our sleeping pads and sleeping bags were soaked. Gopod think it is Aug. because it was a warm rain. ha ha ha

    Pics of the next morning. Built a small fire from some wood we stashed the night before.

    We put our jackets in the dry bag. They were the only thing dry the next morning.

    The sun did come out the next day so it wasn't all bad. Warming up before packing up.

    All packed up and ready for a new day.

    Found a future camp site.

    Couple weeks back when the weather was in the 90s this would have been a good spot. Water was about 2-3 feet deep. Several small fish, a few up to 5-6 in.

    The mighty one all ready for adventure.

    My wife the trooper. She's come along way riding offroad on the TW. No TW naps this trip. After all she is the Scooter Queen, she still loves her scooter. Still goes with her scooter girl friends for 4-7 day scooter camping trips.

    Well that's it, 171 miles in all. Was a uneventful 40 mile ride home from here. Then set everything out to dry.
    Next ride. My birthday weekend ride Aug. 16th-18th with my oldest son Nate. Another 3 days camping in the mountains, only this time in Eastern Washington. Ya
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    that is a great trip, especially with your wife. my dad and i got lucky to dodge most of the rain along the olympic peninsula. i've been in storms where everything is wet before, and it's only fun with the right attitude: F*ck it, it's better than sitting dry at home!

    ride on!
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    That looked like a great weekend, rain or not. Thanks for the report and pictures.

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    Nice pictures. Campfires look so peaceful...when bear's ain't around.

    Looks like you two really enjoyed your time...together even!
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    You should look into a tent with a full coverage rainfly. It will solve your wet gear problems for sure. Most of em even have a vestibule for you to store gear outside the tent and still have it protected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 29andSingle View Post
    You should look into a tent with a full coverage rainfly. It will solve your wet gear problems for sure. Most of em even have a vestibule for you to store gear outside the tent and still have it protected.

    Very nice tent. But remember that we have limited space to carry items. So size does matter. I know there are some very nice tents out there that compack very nice, but they also come with a very nice price tag.
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    you mentioned the high sides of that bridge. It is a bailey bridge structure and is the actual strength of the bridge. The one they put in Mt. Vernon to replace the I 5 disaster is of the same. It was invented by a british army officer as I remember. They come as an erector set and are fairly fast to put together.

    Wonderful pics. When I first saw your bikes I grinned as my wife and I have the same color schemes. Hers is a 95 mine an 03. Like her blue one.
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    Love the pics! That's some beautiful country you have to ride in, and you're lucky to have your wife as your riding partner.

    plumbstraight's mention of the Bailey bridge structure reminded me of years ago when the Quail Creek Reservoir dam failed. The resulting flood took out a major bridge, and they replaced it temporarily with a Bailey bridge.

    Sorry you got rained on. While it's not much fun when you're in the middle of it, adventures like that make for good memories and storytelling.

    That was a very enjoyable ride. Thanks for taking us along!
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    What an awesome ride. Thanks for sharing with everyone. It is great going on rides with my girlfriend. She won't ride without me but loves to ride. So I try to ride with her on the weekends as much as possible.
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    Beautiful place to ride! Looks like a wonderful trip - especially the camping (even better for me because I got to experience your trip without getting wet).

    It is great you can ride with your wife and good to hear she is doing very well with the riding.

    Wowsers - you had quite a load. Any problems?

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