First time on the TW in Eastern CA
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Thread: First time on the TW in Eastern CA

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    First time on the TW in Eastern CA

    Hello folks!

    What a wonderful community you guys are! I'm a long time outdoor/adventure person, but super noob to the motorcycling world. For the last year, I've been on a 1974 Honda XL 175, modified so that my tiny self (4'11") can flat-foot the ground. It's a fine ride for what I do (poke around and take pictures) but spare parts are hard to come by. I needed something more modern...perhaps w/o a kick start...and the stars TOTALLY lined up for me and a completely adventure ready 2002 TW200! My BF (on a Suzuki DR200) and I took it out last weekend and it was all kinds of awesome!! Still a bit too tall for me, especially coming from the, I can't actually get the kick stand down while standing on my other foot so I'll have to follow the lead of the fine minds on this forum and mount that rear shock a little lower.

    Hope you enjoy my short trip report and I hope to have many more to come!
    Adventures of Jankinoto - Peech's Black Ops

    PS - I'm in my 30's but with all of my other adventure activities, the parents really did not need to know about "new ways I've found to kill myself before giving them grandchildren"...hence the title of the blog.
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    U rawk, young lady. Oh, and yer pics do, too.

    By chance was that bike once half of a matched "his and hers" set? Looks suspiciously familliar.

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    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Welcome to the forum Peech.

    Sounds like you picked up a very nicely equipped TW and are using it the way they are intended to be used.

    Looking forward to your ride reports!


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    My wife loves that hers (TW) is now lowered. She's 5-1. I drilled the lower shock mount and that dropped the bike 3-4 in. Also lowered the front forks about 1.5in seems to have done the trick. She's much more comfortable riding off road now.

    Here is the info I used to lower my wife's. Came from Justin5117. Here is the whole thread if you like.

    Please excuse the dirt, I had gone trail riding yesterday and hadn't cleaned the bike yet. You see the drilled hole, then the front bars are lowered as well.

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x600.

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x600.

    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1000x750.
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    lizrdbrth - This bike was posted in the classifieds section not too long ago...maybe that's what looks so familiar about it! Now, a "his and hers" set makes a whole lotta sense in the backcountry (same spare parts and sized tools) but I'm seriously NOT into the matchy matchy couple cutesy thing AT ALL!!! I do think the BF is starting to like the TW better than his DR200 so I better watch out!

    goldenhtr - Thank you so much for the link! Since I don't trust myself to drill it straight and don't own a drill press I'll just take the swingarm off and take it into a local shop. From other related posts it seems that lowering the attachment point by 3/4 inch will do the job.

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    welcome to the forum, and keep the pictures coming. TIM
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    I enjoyed your blog. You have found possibly the best forum with many helpful and knowledgeable members. So often on other forums you encounter rude responses, often followed by a curt " use the search function " . ( which usually does not work very well ) It looks like you already know how special of a bike the TW is, and if you are not already, you will be hooked. Welcome to the community. Rubber side down, Dave

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    I too enjoyed your blog and all the great pics. You make me sick with envy for all the great adventures you are having and wishing on my part just ain't getting it. Oh to be young again and to have the resources to do it over with such a flare.

    You need to do an addition to your blog titled " Toys R Us" and show off some of the gear and bikes, bicycles and camping stuff. Your photography equipment appears to be of rather high quality as well because your pics are stunning.

    welcome to our forum and I look forward to viewing more and hearing about future adventures.

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    Welcome, and thanks for the cool ride report. I'm also impressed with the quality of your pics. I thought the 'glyphs were pretty cool. I look forward to seeing more ride reports from you.
    My handle is B-dub, I ride a T-dub, and drive a V-dub.

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    Pretty country which your pictures show well and a cool spot to ride. The TW is great isn't it?!

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