Strawberry Reservoir - Utah
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Thread: Strawberry Reservoir - Utah

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    Strawberry Reservoir - Utah

    Knowing I was going to be passing Strawberry Reservoir on my return from a work meeting today, I loaded the TW onto the VersaHaul and took an extended lunch on my way back into the Salt Lake valley this afternoon.

    I first rode to the visitors center and snapped a few pics detailing the formation of Strawberry.

    It is amazing the work these old-timers got done back in the day with the equipment they had to work with!

    I rode the pavement nearly around the reservoir, snapping a few pics along the way.

    It was then time to find some dirt.....this sign made this road a must see.

    The grounds crew was hard at work, and even had time to pose for a picture....

    The road topped out with a great view.

    One last shot of Strawberry on the way down.

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    Looks like a great way to spend your lunchtime!


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    Looks like a great place to ride, very cool.
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    Love the history, thanks! I didn't know that about Strawberry. Great pics of some beautiful views. I got a kick out of your shot of the "Groundskeeper". I'll bet that's not the only "Groundskeeper" you saw. I enjoyed your lunch break, thanks for taking us along.
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    damned groundskeeper's always eating on the job.... pretty area to ride.
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    "impassable during wet weather" and then I saw the dark clouds and thought "4 WD -- baloney! 1WD can do it." Great pics!

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    With an area/lake as pretty as that, I would need an extended lunch day. I ride way to slow to get an area that size completed in a lunch hour(s)! Love the history with the old equipment building the original. TFS
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