Riding a TW200 onto the Santa Cruz Wharf 11-1-'13
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Thread: Riding a TW200 onto the Santa Cruz Wharf 11-1-'13

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    Riding a TW200 onto the Santa Cruz Wharf 11-1-'13

    Last Friday about 11:00 in the morning I jumped on my TW and took off. I had no idea where I was going my only restriction being I had to be back by 5:00 because Big D was coming over and we were going to Doc Wong's class. I headed up Hwy 9 to Boulder Creek and there I had to make a decision. Go right to the coast, go left into the hills, or go straight into Santa Cruz. It has been a while so I opted for SCruz. I figured I would have lunch on the wharf, watch some surfers for a while then come home. As fate would have it I stayed a little longer than intended and had to take Hwy17 back all the way from SCruz to San Hoe-zay which may be a video for another time.

    Looking back to the wharf from Steamer Lane

    Steamer Lane is supposedly a well known surf spot. It seems every time I have been here there isn't much in the way of surf but then I tend to go there on days that are calm and beautiful. Notice the pelicans flying above the surfers. They sure have made a remarkable comeback. Not long ago one hardly ever saw one and now they are everywhere.

    And of course the Santa Cruz Surf Museum. I think it used to be a lighthouse.

    And a statue dedicated to surfers. At least I think that is what it is. I didn't stop to read the plaque.

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    Nice! I used to live in Santa Cruz. I was offered a job there once working as a welder for the roller coaster and park. Love the pics, thanks.

    Loved the video, hearing the seagulls, and I could almost smell the ocean, very nice, brought back memories, thanks again Tony!
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    Tony, I need for your work schedule. You find many interesting places to see and ride. Thanks for sharing both.


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    I had no idea one could drive out on a wharf. Cool watching the birds diving into the water. Yellow Corvette...cool! Neat old roller coaster. Bet it would be fun to ride it next to the boardwalk at night. It looks so warm compared to here right now. Ugh...winter. Thanks for the sight seeing trip.
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    cool ride tony, santa cruz has been a favorite of mine my whole life. lots of memories at the boardwalk.
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    Thanks Tony! Nice change of pace for us landlubbers. I really enjoyed the video, something new for me as I've never spent much time around the ocean. Seeing the birds dive for dinner, and the sea lions under the wharf was cool. Great pics and narrative, too. Thanks for taking us along, I really enjoyed the ride.
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    Great video Tony!

    Makes me want to make the trip over the hill now that the summer crowds have thinned out.


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    Great vid!,

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