Lousetown road. (trail from Reno to Virginia City)
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Thread: Lousetown road. (trail from Reno to Virginia City)

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    Lousetown road. (trail from Reno to Virginia City)

    Very fun weekend of riding near Reno Nevada this weekend. Decided to post a different thread for each day because rode solo Saturday and in a different area with Scutler sunday. This road (really more of a trail) is quite rough and rocky in sections. This road was used by wagons and was THE road back in the old days. The beginning is not marked and had to talk to other people on trail to make sure was on the correct road/trail. Met a nice couple riding a utv (and drinking beer). They showed me the route and glad they did. There are a lot of different trails and you could easily get lost here. Trails are just not marked in Nevada. Spotted plenty of wild horses (they really are pretty tame). Really didn't get as many pics as wanted to because was busy trying to keep up with couple in Utv. They said they have escorted several people out of this area for years who were lost. One time they helped some idiot who was riding a street bike with his Gf on back who was wearing high heels. They said she was soooooo pissed on him....LOL. Was told that the crumbling chimney I have a pic of was the toll crossing. Guess even way back then you had to pay to use trail/road.

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    That's cool! I love the pics and the history. Looking forward to the rest. Thanks for taking us along.
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    Back in the pre-tax-everything-forever days toll roads were established as means to create needed roads without public monies, rather than as a neverending burden on road users.

    It was quite a gamble for the "contractors". They would clear the land, build the road and incur all of the expenses up front in exchange for the right to extract payment for the use of the road for a specific timeframe, say 10 years, at which time tolls ceased and the road turned over to the public for free use regardless of whether the road builder had recouped his initial investment or turned a profit.

    Lots of roads were established in that manner, including most of the first roads in Cali's gold country. The stretch of Interstate 15 through Cajon Pass in SoCal was one of the more profitable ventures. It began as a buggy trail known as "John Brown's Toll Road" and for a time served as the only viable means to get heavy goods and mining equipment to Cali's SECOND largest gold strike, way down here in Big Bear.

    John was both smart and lucky. The gold in Big bear played out in fairly short order but he still had control of the shortest improved route for pilgrims pouring to southern Cal from the east for the remainder of the agreement. Quite a few others went belly up in their gambles.

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    You have inspired me to go ride this area. Looks like good fun.

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    cool to see the wild ponies.... did i count 12? more than the t-dub's output!
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    Looks like Mike had a couple of good rides , with another scheduled for the 23rd.

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    Back when you posted "is anyone interested going?" or something to that effect I said to myself I should go. Now, after seeing you pictures I really wish I had.
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    This area reminds me of the Silver City area 'round these parts. Always learn something new from the locals or someone who's spent a lot of time in the area. Kinda neat hearing about the old toll road. Lots of old toll roads way way back. Thanks for the history.
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    The Immigrant Bypass trail that pops out near Jackpot is on my list... I did half of it in a Jeep but it was too early in the season and still too wet!!
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