For those who don't know me (which is most everyone, I have no TW friends...) I have several infatuations. Motorcycles are obvious, but another one is North Korea. Such a bizarre, yet fascinating place! Underdeveloped and untouched in several areas, it proves to be a massively beautiful and engaging place. A couple of New Zealanders took what looks like DR650s all the way from Russia to South Korea. They were escorted the entire way, but the views and stories are unreal. Check out the 15 minute documentary at North Korean Motorcycle Diaries - Riding the Korean Peninsula's Baekdudaegan Mountain Range | VICE United States

As a side note, if anyone has any North Korea related questions, I have loads of documentaries to share! If you're feeling more adventurous and would like to join me in my (eventual) trip to North Korea, I have that info too! :P