pre thanksgiving cattle drive
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    Its Wednesday before Thanksgiving and New Mexico is having a gusty cold front come through - so I decided to get in a couple of hours on the TW around midday because the wind wasn't bad yet and the midday temps were in the low 50s. I was puttering along on my standard route with the Manzano Mts on my left about 2 miles away, and headed South into the sun when I noticed a long string of cattle heading east, churning up the dust, calves scrambling to keep up with their moms, and all followed by 3 cowboys on horseback. Two paints and an apaloosa if my memory serves me well. The sun was backlit on the grass and low shrubs; the dust sort of floated around the string of 100+ cattle. I always see cattle on this ride (its open range in New Mexico with the state responsible for fencing the cattle off of the public highways, and I've seen and talked with the cowboys (nearly always in their pickups), but this was like a calender photo with real cattle drive in progress and not a pickup or house in sight for miles. I slowed down to avoid spooking the cattle (and aggravating the cowboys); I waved to one of the riders as I passed within 150 yards of the tail of the drive. I received a respectful tip of the hat in return, presumably because I had slowed in deference to the animals. Things are dry this time of year, and the vegetation has slowed growth so they were moving the cattle from one water hole to another to encourage them to find better forage. Sorry, no camera on board today. Lesson learned but if you conjure real hard you can see what I saw in your mind eye, and appreciate that Western American moment. Those folks will pile around the table tomorrow with a good appetite knowing that they worked hard, and rode in a brisk wind and wonderous setting on the day before. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    The plain in the background is where the cattle were being driven, but no snow on the ground today.

    The cattle in a more leisurely moment.

    Sometimes you just have to putter on the through.

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    Thanks Tom. Upon request, I asked the 'Little Lady' for mashed potatoes, frozen corn ( I like to mix) and cube steak. With no Family to speak of, my preference is to keep it simple. Your Beef pictures were right on target for me. Have a GREAT FAMILY HOLIDAY ! (to ALL). Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Nice short story Tom. Met quite a few "real cowboys" on our wagon ride in northern Nevada last month. All had their horses "trailer-ed up" headed to the high country to round up strays. The cowboys were quite interested in our wagons as they had not seen something like that before. I was surprised to see how young the cowboys were. And they were all dressed for the part, "chaps" and all.

    I liked the part about "tipping his hat". As a TW and Mule rider, but not a cowboy, I always appreciate it when a "motorized" vehicle slows down showing respect for the animals. Usually, its the "surprise" that startles the animals and not so much what the vehicle is (car, motorcycle). Although I have not been bucked or thrown off, from a mule/vehicle encounter, I have had the pleasure of doing a "quicker than I expected" 360 spin when a pickup came suddenly around a corner and startled the mules (hang-on). Of course the pickup driver was just as surprised! He went in the ditch! No harm or damage done to either party though.

    Thanks for sharing.

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