Morning coffee video IV- Sheetiron 150
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    Morning coffee video IV- Sheetiron 150

    Again, not mine. Possibly shot by someone here?

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    The first meeting of the NorCal Group. Maybe something like "The Far West Riders' Association" would be better. Mike shot the video and he was from Oregon.

    Better make that "The Far West TW Riders Association".
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    Looks like fun. Any plans for a repeat? Those smooth roads look very inviting for a group ride.

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    That sure looks like it was a hoot! I can't wait to go on a group ride with a bunch o' T-Dubs! : )B

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    I am so ready to get out. Just bugs the heck out of me to see spring has sprung in the southern latitudes. Just look at all that greenery. We still have stick figures here for trees. I do however see some sprouting of flowers that are tired of being hidden under ground. Next month, next month, oh my the sun will come out and dry out some of us north of the cal border. At least it has warmed up to the point I can't see my breath in the morning. Just need a snorkel now lol. You folks have a wonderful time. Our summer will get here, hopefully before August.

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