The Gumbo Got Me - No Animals Were Harmed Participating in This Ride
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Thread: The Gumbo Got Me - No Animals Were Harmed Participating in This Ride

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    The Gumbo Got Me - No Animals Were Harmed Participating in This Ride

    See #3 Below!


    n. pl.gum·bos 1. Chiefly Southern U.S. See okra. See Regional Note at goober.
    2. A soup or stew thickened with okra pods. Also called okra.
    3. Chiefly Mississippi Valley & Western U.S. A fine silty soil, common in the southern and western United States, that forms an unusually sticky mud when wet.
    4. Gumbo A French patois spoken by some Black people and Creoles in Louisiana and the French West Indies.

    Before looking at the photo's, I would like you to imagine in your mind some of the events as they may have unfolded!

    It rained since your last ride and your stuck in the mud a mere 50 yards or so off the road your wife travels when she comes home from work. You look at your watch to see if you can make it home before she does. You're thinking here is, you don't want her to think your some kind of idiot riding in conditions that may not be ideal! For the sake of this thread, the idiot would be me!

    While huffing, puffing and sweating in this boot sucking off your feet gumbo mud trying to get unstuck, you hear a vehicle approaching. Uh oh, could that be her? It's all over! I won't beat her home. I surrender to that fact and might as well flag her down. At the very least she can provide some moral support by laughing at me uncontrolably while I try to extract my gumbo mud clogged motorcycle!

    ...So as she rolls by, I jump up and down (I don't jump that high anymore), with by arms waving like a rag doll. Zooooom, she goes by without a hint of having noticed this clown waving. By the way, she didn't see the black dog either. I realize I might be here for a tad, so I decide to whip out the cell phone call her before she gets home. No answer. Well, I'll just send her a txt. After I mud finger type a message, I hit the send button. Up pops a message: would you like to save and send this message when digital service is found? Wait, what??? Of course I hit the save button.

    With no one to help (Georgie would, but...) I might as well get back to getting unstuck!

    As I was approaching this from the behind the camera's view, it didn't look like gumbo! Note: just off to the right of the front tire, you can see the edge of the gravel road my wife went by on. See, it ain't that far, surly she should have seen me!

    Now I wasn't mired axle deep in the gumbo, but it sure wasn't easy gettin out either. Especially when your feet are ankle deep and slipping.

    Georgie tired from all the work I had to do while getting free of the gumbo

    Apparently, Georgie is ready to head home

    Just to tie up lose ends, my wife finally got the txt message and headed back to find me. I met her on the road about halfway back home. ...and she brought one of the daughters with her as a witness or something. Of course I got the what were you thinking look. ...from both of them!
    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    Nasty stuff! Glad you got out alright.
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    Now there is an example of the merits of a high fender. Thanks for sharing.
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    LOL, high fender looks like a must in your area.
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    The pictures sure don't make it look that muddy, but your tire tells the tale! I have to be careful not to open your posts when my dog is in the room. I have a Aussie Shepard/Boarder Collie mix that would want to ride with me just like your Georgie does you. He cries if I take off in the truck without him.
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    sometimes the womenfolk don't have that adventure mode like us men .or ther'e tired of bailing us out of avoidable and as old clint would say,a man has got to know his limitations.
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    Skippyboy would be proud of you Admiral !
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    sticky- awesome goodness.
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    Man, you are so lucky! A faithful dog, a loving wife and daughter, and gumbo to get stuck in. You have it made!!!!
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    Truth be known, she might have seen you and thought maybe an hour or so more might just help you come to your senses.

    Man, I wish we could see some mud. There's still lots of white stuff here. -16F last night.

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