Hey all!

I don't know if any other Midwest folks troll the ADVrider forum as well, but I wanted to give you all a heads-up about this ride happening May 3rd & 4th, starting in St. Clair, MO.

MO Swinging Bridges Ride 2014 -May 3 & 4, 2014 - ADVrider

Myself, my husband, and several other regular ride buddies went on this last year. Cold, soggy, muddy, but FUN AS HELL! The trails really aren't terribly challenging if you don't wanna follow some of the crazier folks. Most of the bigger dual-sports tend to stick to the gravel rural roads.....some with flooded low-water bridges.

The TW actually fared pretty well for about a 2-3 foot deep water crossing. Very nearly got swamped, but pulled through just fine. With the speed the water was running, I was worried.


All in all, it's worth going on if you live in the area. Follow the ADV link for more details.

I think it'd be nice to see another TW or two on this ride....