need head!!!
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Thread: need head!!!

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    Angry need head!!!

    I have a 98 tw and long story short i forgot to tighten the bolts for the vavle adjustment valve broke and now the head is cracked so need a new one..... looking for a complete head dont really have time or tools to build one so any help would be great. Thanks

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    Try searching eBay for TW200, BW200, and almost any Yamaha ATV with a 200cc engine. Usually people are selling those for pennies. I cannot confirm if an ATV head will fit but, from what I did research carb and exhaust angles are the same, so you may be good if you find a real cheap one. But make sure you hang on to your cam, just for consistency. I was in your position not too long ago, except with a wrecked valve. Ended up salvaging mine. Best of luck.
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