Looking for a few parts.
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    Looking for a few parts.

    First off , thanks for all the great info on this forum, its been a great help.
    I picked up a 2000 tw 200 from a friend that ive been fixing up, and now am in need of some odds and ends.
    Heres what im looking to purchase
    1 front blinker
    1 rear blinker
    meter bracket ( have a good speedo and indicator light, just the bracket broke)
    Tail light assembly (not a rear fender but everything that bolts to the rear fender)
    And possibly a headlight bracket/stay

    If anyone has any of this they want to part with please let me know.
    Tom G

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    I have a tail light. PM me an email address and I will send you a picture.


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    I think I have taillight assay and headlight assy. Let me bump my add.
    2006 tw200

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