WTB: Assorted hardware (nuts, bolts, and screws!)
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    Cool WTB: Assorted hardware (nuts, bolts, and screws!)


    I've got an old '87 that was the victim of some "overzealous" riding by someone a few years ago. I've cobbled it back together but the original hardware is long lost. I'm mostly looking for the screws that hold the airbox cover and airbox plastic in place as well as the bolts that hold the headlight, headlight frame, and front headlight plastic in place. That being said, I can also use all manner of assorted frame, subframe, and body bolts and screws.

    If someone has a lot of assorted nuts and bolts sitting in a pile in their garage somewhere, that would be perfect. Worst case scenario I can hit up an Ace Hardware and piece this all together one by one, but I think it might be easier to just dig through an assortment of random hardware.

    You can reach me here via PM or you can email me directly:

    gmail dot com

    Thanks for reading!

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    I see this stuff on EBay all the time if no member chimes in.

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    They are all metric, Id hit the local strip yard and fill your pockets.

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