1994 TW200 in Austin
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    My wife and HOA don't like my trailer load of kayaks being parked outside, so it’s time to sell the TW to make more garage space.

    I’m the second owner and have had it for about 2 years (or about 3,700mi miles worth). It’s been a great commuter, weekend warrior, and general run around town bike. ~5,028 miles, but I’m still riding it occasionally, so it could get a little higher. For being 16 years old, the bike is in excellent shape. The tank, plastics, etc. are all in good condition. I get around 62 mpg running around - more when taking it easy on back roads, less when hustling down the highway. It has a new FMF Power Core exhaust that adds a bit of power and gives the bike a great look.

    The chain, front and rear sprockets (15/45 tooth) were recently replaced. The sprockets allow it to cruise up to about 60 mph before getting buzzy. It’ll do 70 mph or so flat out, but isn’t comfortable going that fast for long. It’s happiest 50-60mph. The tires are in good shape. Valves recently checked, I’d be glad to show the buyer how to adjust them – it only takes about 20 minutes, very easy. Oil was always changed every 1,000mi if not sooner. It’s cheap insurance and is too easy to do. It only holds a little over a quart. Rear rack is a genuine Yamaha part and a must have for the bike in my opinion.

    Rear shock was replaced with a fully adjustable model from an R6. This extensive modification greatly improves the ride quality and raises the ride height a bit, making it handle better and removes the numb steering response by decreasing trail a bit. Forks were rebuilt when the shock mod was done and have new seals and dust boots.

    The current registration is good through 05/11. No issues passing inspection, everything is current, legal, and passing. Lots of extra stuff included – two front tubes, one rear tube and two spark plugs.

    There’s a certain charm to the TW – it isn’t fancy, it isn’t fast, but it’s reliable, comfortable, and has intangibles in spades. I have the clear Texas title, in my name on hand and am ready to sell. Asking $1,750.00. The bike is located in Georgetown, just north of Austin.

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    Is this bike still for sale or did you sell it yet?

    And are those the original 17 year old tires on it?

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