Wanna trade tires?
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    I've had Bridgestone 203 and 204 tires on my bike for about 700 miles now-actually less, and I really don't like them. I think I had better asphalt traction with the stock knobbies that came with it.

    So, if you have knobbies, Bridgestone or otherwise, that have comparable mileage, I'll trade you mine for yours and we'll split the shipping. I can track down the actual mileage and would like the same on your knobbies.



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    my 2000 still has the original tires on it with right at 2700 miles... yes i'm aware my tires have 2000 miles more than yours, and would give some boot. they are in supergreat shape, and honistly the rear still has a lot of tread left on them, and the front is probably 1/2. if you would be interested i'd send pics and would be willing to give some boot.

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    70.00 for front and rear stock tires with tits still on them .. send me your emaial and i will send you a pic..

    plus shipping

    cant go wrong !

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    [email protected]. I almost wanna just burn up these street tires so I can put the knobbies on quicker. LOL

    Uh-why so cheap?

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    Jordan,Boylston NY
    Shot you a PM .

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