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Thread: Mrgizmow's TW For Sale

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    Mrgizmow's TW For Sale

    Please read all of this first:

    Please do not contact me about my TW until you have done some research as to what modifications have been made. This could be accomplished by going to my profile and then clicking on mrgizmows posts. I'm sure the list is a long one, but the titles will let you know if the post is about a ride or a mod for the bike. If I wanted to spend hours explaining what the bike is all about, I would post on Craigslist.

    The bike is a 2006 and has about 6000 miles on it. No problems, it simply has become to specialized for 'me' to be inclined to use around town and I just don't seem to spend much time in the hills. Now when the mood strikes me, I can always use an XT-225 that I recently purchased. Yes I could undo the mods to the TW as I still have all the stock stuff, but in my mind, that would be silly.

    I believe $1700 would be a fair price. Will only answer questions when presented via P.M. When bike is sold, I will post that information here. I will not ship. Gerry

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    Take care my Friend.........

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    I'd say that's a very fair price, GLWS! Wish you were on the East coast...

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    Hi Gerry,

    I am both surprised and saddened that you are selling your TW. I have been following your mods for a few years now and consider you to be the premier innovator for a wide variety of TW modifications that have inspired many other forum members.

    In my opinion, your asking price is more than reasonable and I am seriously tempted (despite already having 6 or 7 TW's in various states of disassembly/reassembly/project status).

    I personally hope that you change your mind, but can certainly appreciate your reasons for selling. I am glad you will still have a bike so that you join us on future NorCal rides.

    Best of luck whatever you decide to do,


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    hi gerry,

    i too feel sad to hear of your decision, though i am sure it is one that you have made after much careful though and reflection. to every season. someone will get a steal at $1700.

    please still come on the red bluff ride, your companionship and local knowledge would be sorely missed.

    ride on,
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    I hate to see you go Gerry. I have really enjoyed all of your mods, ride reports, etc over the last few years. Thanks for all your info over the years. That seems like a very good deal on your bike.

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    Say it ain't so!

    But I get it. We move on.

    Great price.

    And you know, everytime I ride, a part of "your" past rides with me. I still have one of the snail trail stickers in my shop!
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    Wow. I don't know what to say. Gerry made no mention of this on our recent ride. I am sure glad that I had the opportunity to ride with him before he sells his bike. $1700 is a more than fair price for his legendary TW.

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    Thankful for all of my friends!!
    Someone should snatch this up. It should be in a museum or displayed. It is classic.

    More than a fair price by far.
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    WOW Mr Giz, I feel great sorrow and loss! I value you and all you have given to me through this forum. You are important here. I will need to process this. Much emotion!

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    Ride on what ever you want Gerry, but stay tuned to keep us honest once in awhile. I don't need two bikes, but I'd ride yours anywhere. Tom
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