WTB main jet and shims
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    I just bought a tw this winter and it desperately needs carb work. I figured while I'm in there, I should change the main jet and shim the needle. Does anyone have a #130 jet and some shims for a 2006 model that they are willing to part with? I can pay by paypal.

    Also, what does it take to access the air mixture screw? Any tips would be appreciated.



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    Don't mess with it, I'm returning mine to stock today. Runs like crap in my part of the country, there may be alot of good advice on here but this was not something worth doing for me. Ran terrific before but I was trying to make a four stroke into a two. Unless your running lean I wouldn't waste your time or money. I bought my jet from boats.net and a friend who owns a bike shop gave me the shims, they are going in the trash after this experiment. As far as the air mixture screw there is a plug with a hole in it, all you need to do is turn a screw into it and pop it right out. Mine is an 06 also, good luck.

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