2013 TW for sale
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    2013 TW for sale

    Holy Cow! 172 views but no nibbles. Thought I'd have received at least an insult or two. Hoped to put the bike in the hands of a forum member.

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    No insults, but I bumped it back to the top for you .

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    Don't worry toma55. A 2004 TW has been for sale about 4-5 months here on the local Boise C-List. Price started at $2,600. It's now $2,550. Good shape and reasonable price for this area. Sometimes in winter it takes a while. Good spring temps should bring a few nibbles and eventually a bit. Hang in there!
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    Might Want to add it to the Basement{Other Topics}, lots of traffic down there, and all are TW Folks...
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    Thanks guys.

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