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    2003 tw 200

    What a 2003 tw worth with 1800 miles on it. He is asking $2,600.

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    How do the guy's shoes look? Does he brush his teeth? Look under the hood of his pick-up truck.

    All of these will tell you all you need to know about his TW.

    IMOP, clean shoes, fresh breath, and a hopped up Classic PU probably equals a good TW. Without actually seeing the bike, in person, I can't say much more but a nice '03 is diffidently worth $2.6K.

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    I think seems high for northeast. New last years going for )3,600-$3,800 with warranty. Used 1-3 years old going for $2,600-$3,000. Now! Last summer prices were higher. But if it's sweet and has a few farkles that you want I'd make an offer on it.
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    Price is not unreasonable assuming the bike is in good condition which is probably the most important criterion for a buyer. The fair market price varies by time of year and your location almost as much as any modifications or damage affect the sales price. That 2003 is more desirable in springtime than at beginning of winter. Supply and demand affect regional prices quite a bit also.
    Notable issues when evaluating condition are the tires and chain/sprocket wear. With only 1,800 miles the chain has probably not been seriously abused if owner took care of proper maintenance. However the tires if stock and parked for most of the 12 hers since manufacture are most likely dry, hard and not really safe. I would budget $150 or so to get good new tires mounted up. Perhaps use this needed expense to get seller to lower his sales price.
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    Last summer I paid $1,800 for my 2003 and the seller was asking $2,000. Bike had low miles on it but had been laid down at least one good time. Not much cosmetic damage at all but the handle bars were a bit off. I just loosened the fork tree or clamps and straightened it out. The bike may not have been down but hit a tree or something. Good as new and no issues. Bike is in overall excellent shape. Tank, plastics, seat etc; are in excellent condition.

    Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. That said if you could get it for $2,000 to $2,200 would be a very good deal. When I was looking around to buy one there were very, very few listed for sale for less than $2,000 regardless of age and mileage. Just be point blank and ask them what their bottom dollar cash price is. Spending $2,600 on an '03 would also lead me to looking at the new TW's price tag. I've seen new leftovers from last year for $3,500 or so. $900 more and a new bike. The catch is TW's do not depreciate that much all said and done.

    $2,600 is not an unreasonable asking price at all. IMO anything less than $2,400 would be a decent or good deal for you. The lower the better. It is difficult to find a nice condition TW for much less. The condition of the bike is key on the price it will bring. I did look at a pair of 1993 TW's for sale and the lowest the guy would go was $1,400 for each. They both had somewhere in the 6 to 7,000 mile range and were not in the best shape at all. Plus they were 10 years older than the '03 I bought. Paying a little more is worth it for the right condition TW. Saving $500 goes right out the window as soon as mechanical problems surface on your first or second ride.

    Another key thing is what accessories are on the bike if any. I have added stuff to mine and that increased the price. Not going to sell mine but if I did I would be asking every bit of $2,600. I feel I scored big time paying $1,800 and it had similar miles on the ODO. In fact less than 1,800 but it had the slightly twisted bars. The guy was the second owner and I think he had an accident and called it quits. Also didn't have the know how or motivation to straighten the bars which literally took me 10-15 minutes total. He had bought it in the spring and sold it at the end of the summer. If I recall correctly he only put less than 200 miles on it from looking at the paperwork. Said he wanted a quad to ride instead. Guess he feels safe on all four.

    Mine also had original tires and in great shape. But I agree that the tires need to be looked at closely due to age.
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