Wanted: TW200 in Chicagoland area
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    If this post is inappropriate, sorry about that. I see many wanted ads out there.

    I am looking for a decent clean used TW somewhere in the Chicagoland area.

    I know the bike very well and am looking for something to bash around along the railroad tracks and fields. As well as having a little bike for small errands. I do not always want to have to take my regular bike out of garage to get something quick from grocery store.

    I did look at one just north of Lake Zurich that was beat worse than anything I have ever seen before.

    I have cash in hand and though I say looking for a clean version, it could be litterally dirty. If you are pending selling one, drop me a note. I am not a dealer or reseller. I will not rip you off, nor get ripped off myself. I prefer 2003 or newer but will consider older if the price is right.


    Ron D.

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    did you look at larrys bike in lake zurich? I am as well seeking a bike in the area and was thinking about taking a look at his bike. is it even worth it? whats wrong with it?

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    If that is the place on Rand, yes I took a look and it was the worst bike I had ever seen.

    The cases were broke and welded.

    It was missing parts of the engine like engine guards.

    Everything was rusted heavily from being left outside

    Broken levers (I believe I remember it correctly)

    Heavily scratched plastics and other components from crashes

    Some aftermarket parts on it which tells me it has seen it's shares of drops as well

    I am one of the local Motorcycle instructors for one of the largest national regions and we use a lot of these TWs in our courses. They go down often and I have yet to see one of our bikes in half as bad of shape as that bike. (We do have some awesome admistrators and mechanics in our program though)

    I did not start up their bike because I had absolutely no interest in such a piece.

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    I found "Larry's" bike and no I have not seen that one.

    The one I am referring to is at a dealer in the LZ area on Rand road.

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    If you're talking about the used bike dealer on Rt 12 just north of 176 on the west side of 12 - too bad. The store is in a tough location and the owners have changed hands a lot. I'll try to stop in and see who'd running the show now. Too bad they haven't taken the time to restore or even clean up an old bike that they had on the floor. Were they selling it as a project bike? Larry

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    Chicagoland, IL
    I was browsing Craigslist tonight and found this 1996 for $1600 in McHenry: http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/mcy/2316656760.html. Only has 800 miles on it.

    2009 Yamaha TW200

    1996 Yamaha Virago 1100

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    I'm a few hours south of Chicago, but I have a 1989 TW200 for sale. 8,120 miles. $1,200.

    The previous owner painted the tank and added a new seat cover, bigger footpegs, and a luggage rack. It runs great.

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