PlacerLode is "Away" notice - Thanks for patience - Posted July 31st
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Thread: PlacerLode is "Away" notice - Thanks for patience - Posted July 31st

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    PlacerLode is "Away" notice - Thanks for patience - Posted July 31st

    I'm getting lots of inquiries on Seat Concepts kits, Ricochet Skid Plates, DMO pegs etc. but I won't be back to ship anything for a week or two (3 if she's really cute)

    I'm on the road in Indiana or Ohio today (July 31st) stuck in yet another fatal crash interstate closure (3rd one in 3 days)

    I'm within 200 miles of picking up some sweet TW's so Damn this Traffic Jam lol

    thanks for all your patience I guess I should have brought a stash of goodies with me
    "It's Like Warm Apple Pie"

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    Drive safe Fred, and thanks for letting us know you'll be away for a bit.
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    Safe Travels.
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