Help me speculate on 1992 TW pricing ...
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Thread: Help me speculate on 1992 TW pricing ...

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    Help me speculate on 1992 TW pricing ...

    Just hypothetical here but if a pristine 1992 TW200 with 580 miles were to come on the market, what's a few reasonable guestimates for purchase price?
    Lets say it's all stock and in perfect shape and runs great.

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    here's some examples from

    a 1994 in KY, 900 miles for $1450, then on the other side, a 1992 in Reno with 1700 miles for $2100

    List of Yamaha TW200 dual sports for sale
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    Since most TW are so much the same it really comes down to what kind of shape they are in. How many miles can be a little tricky. I would take a 10,000 mile bike that was well maintained over the 2000 mile bike that was ignored. But years are still years. Rubber, seals, and gaskets may need replacing just due to age.
    All that said the 94 in KY sounds like a deal. The 92 in Reno sounds a bit high. Assuming both are in well maintained condition.
    So 580 miles in perfect condition I would think $1900-2000 is fair market value.
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    $1,200.00 to $1,500.00. Even though it only has 540 miles it is 25 years old.

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    The one in Reno sold for $1900. It's whatever the availability and demand is in your area. Any bike 25 years old could very well have issues as sponge stated. So if buying a bike that old I'd be prepared to spend some money on replacing a few parts and having the carb gone through. Also a bike that's spent it's time in an area of high humidity may have some issue's a bike from a dry area wouldn't have. There's use, abuse, neglect and simple aging. These all affect the bike in different ways. It's nice to have someone along who knows what they're looking at when viewing a prospective purchase.
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