2004 TW200 For Sale Northern Wisconsin
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Thread: 2004 TW200 For Sale Northern Wisconsin

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    2004 TW200 For Sale Northern Wisconsin

    SOLD Thank you for the nice posts about my bike. I tried deleting this under the edit/delete button but there's no delete option. Miss it already but sounds like it went to a nice home.

    2004 TW200 dual sport motorcycle, one owner, 2300 miles and excellent condition except for minor scuffs. Ridden low miles every year either on Vilas Co. Wisconsin logging trails or up in the Keweenaw, Michigan. Aftermarket Ricochet skidplate and new heavy duty chain in 2015. $2000. OBO cash onlyImage004.jpg
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    Very nice bike at a reasonable price. Best of luck with sale.
    Tom in Wichita

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    Thats a great deal for somebody! Very reasonable
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    great price Id say... I paid more for my 2005

    I have land for sale up there too, if anyone is interetsed
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    That is a very reasonable deal. Just ready for the new owner to buy farkles and get busy!
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    OK. It's sold. There were a few issues that were, how should we say this... not accurately described. I am learning here about how people try to hide things. I do not. I will show you the crappy stuff first just so there isn't any misunderstandings.... We're adults here right? ....not crooks

    Luckily I only live an hour and a half away.

    The few "scratches" included; bent handle bars, clutch perch bent, stretched and sent up the handle bars a good two inches, hole punched through the left side engine case just forward of the drive sprocket (behind the gasket so nothing too severe), new, non "O" or "X" ring chain but no new sprockets. Throttle grip smashed into something but operable. Black electrical tape is not an approved fix. Still needs replacement. Right rear signal smashed. Dirty as heck. Shows neglect. Got to make you wonder. Got it for $1900.

    The good is after I got this home I did the one mile drag test. This one screams. 70 MPH shown on the odometer with what I am assuming is still stock gearing/sprockets at 1/2 mile. Haven't checked that yet but it goes fast, and gets there fast! It can lift the front wheel up with just a hard twist of the throttle and it power slides.

    I bought this as a back up for the wife because she was not real enthused about the last bike I bought for her. This one starts and runs and runs good.

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    I've learned the term "mint" means very different things to different people

    I once bought a 2013 with 400 miles it was 1000 miles away and the seller seemed very honest and nice and the price was a bargain so I sent him the cash

    When I picked it up the guy was in fact a super nice guy but the TW had literally fell off a trailer on the freeway and tumbled at high speed many times

    needless to say the rear frame was swayed the headlight / cowl was twisted and toast and lots of other stuff but it did run and ride and did have 400 miles

    The seller had lots of bikes and he had bought the TW new so to him it was still "mint" with only 400 miles but the last 1/4 mile was tumbling down the freeway lol

    It was like he honestly didn't even realize all the damage it had he wasn't much of a bike mechanic I guess

    He did offer me a full refund so he was "nice" about it / sort of

    I had already pre paid and drove 1000 miles so I was pretty much stuck with it and by dumb luck I sold it before it ever got unloaded from my trailer (a buddy of mine waned a project for him and his son to work on and he loved the wrecked TW)
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