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    It is time to put a new battery in my 2005 tw200 other than an OEM battery does anybody have any suggestions

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    I went with a much smaller battery. Advanced auto was by far the best priced, I checked around. It will run the starter fine but I usually kick start it so just needed a small battery to stabilize the lights and electrical. Have had it since christmas and havent charged it once since initial charging.
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    Can you drop $103.00? Then do yourself a favor and get a Shorai Lithium-Ion battery! It does not go low from sitting for a few weeks, & there is no acid to spill! Read up on it. Lives up to its reviews.

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    i posted a few links in this thread you can check out...

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    If you wind up getting a new AGM battery, remember to fully charge it up first before first use or the battery will be damaged and never hold a full charge and you will be back at the store getting a replacement. They do not come charged when you buy them, regardless of what the salesman says, you have to make sure it's done, or if you have to fill it yourself it must be charged before you can use it.

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    I put a Ballistic EVO2 8 cell in my 93 because even a new Yuasa turned it only so so, the Ballistic REALLY cranks it solidly. It's been 30+ degrees where I am and it spins it with NO problem.

    The price is a lot; about $140.00 from the shop. I could have ordered it alot cheaper online, but I'm the "Too impatient" type.

    I went to the shop looking for the Shorai battery but they didn't have any (the dealer locator says they're a dealer, but they were out). I'm happy though.


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    Thanks to all for your input I think I will look into the up grade as my tw does not have the kick start and the last thing I want is to be in the middle of no were with a bike that will not start I sure wish they would have not taken the kick start off the newer years .

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