Could not get a decent price on a TW 200
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    Well I tried to find a reasonably priced TW 200 in the area (eastern Wisconsin) but had no luck ($2900 for a 2009 with 1650 miles, $3300 for a 2010 with 250 mi used for motorcycle training class, etc) so I started looking at dual sport bikes and bought a 2008 Yamaha WR250R (fuel injected, liquid cooled, very good suspension etc) in very good condition (a few scratches on the plastic) with 547 miles ridden by an old man like me (paid $3600 so not too much more than the TWs). In 2008 a new WR sold for $2100 more than the TW and with the low miles I think I did OK. I was looking forward to the wide tires on the TW but all I read about the WR says it is a very good bike also. I look forward to spending time on it.

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    That probably speaks to the resale value and possible demand of the TW200. They hold their value.

    I also looked at a wr250r as well, but settled on a tw200 and xr400...!

    Good luck with the wr.

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    Nice enough deal. You'll probably be very happy. I nearly bought a WR250R a while ago after reading about them and then taking one for a ride. By most all accounts I've seen, it a very nice bike and a great value for a nice used one. I ended up with a KLX250S and a TW. TW is still being a TW. Really nothing like it that I know of and I like the low height for putting around. Can't beat it in its element. I do like my KLX though its a tall one. I think a Bill Blue 351 big bore kit will be coming, which should put it within power range of the fuel injected WR. I think I got a great deal and would have liked the WR as well. Cheers.
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    The only bad things I've heard about the WR250R is that the some 08 models all had crappy fuel pumps.

    Affected models were those 2008 bikes built in the 1st quarter of that year.




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