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    Hey, So I messed up somehow. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new CDI unit for my TW200. And I then realized the the bullet shot me in the face. pardon my bad analogy.

    I've got a TW200 CDI with part # 2JX-85540-MO which as far as I can tell is the 1987 TW200 model. It's got a 2 prong plug with a White and a Green wire; a 4 prong plug with a Blue/Yellow, an Orange, a Blue, and a Black wire; a Black/White wire with female bullet connector and a Red and a Brown wire with male bullet connectors. It is BRAND NEW & completely unused.

    My bike is I believe a '93 (I say I believe because the motor that's in it came with the bike, but not in it, I assume it's the original motor though, and the frame's a '93). From the manuals the wiring on my motor matches the TW200 EU/EUC. There are 3 white wires for lighting, a white/green for ignition timing, and yellow red and brown going to the CDI. From what I can tell, the CDI I need is the 2YG-85540-MO

    Can anyone confirm this? anyone have a pic of said CDI or maybe just the wiring on it? I'd like to be sure to get the right one this time...

    OK back to the "for-sale" point. I know these are pricey and people wind up needing them from time to time. I ordered this for $250+shipping, and it's going to cost me 20% restock fee to return it. If someone here wants it, you can have it for $200, which is all I'll get back if I return it, but it saves you $50

    I'd rather that $50 loss benefit someone on here and not go to a restocking fee, which seems a waste.


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    Bandon, Oregon

    I JUST bought a new one for an 87. If I had just waited one more day.


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    still got it, I'll post if I sell it so - unless otherwise stated - it's still up for grabs.

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