2017 TW 200 OVER $2,000 in Options - Brand New - 26 Miles
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Thread: 2017 TW 200 OVER $2,000 in Options - Brand New - 26 Miles

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    2017 TW 200 OVER $2,000 in Options - Brand New - 26 Miles

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    not many $5k TW's selling on this forum - awesome TW though I must say
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    Really sweet ride . I sorry you have to sell it . Hope you get your health back in order & are feeling better soon.
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    Nice bike for sure! Stock tires?

    '13 TW200

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    We see this a lot here. One thing about doing all sorts of Farkles on a TW is that most of them are just very personal additions that not many will want to pay for. A TW with a rack or without one will sell for about the same money even though a nice rack is $200-$300. I have been through this a few times now and almost every farkle I added to a TW I planned to sell came right back off because the buyer was not interested in any of it.

    If I was buying a new TW for myself to ride and keep about all I would add is Pro Taper ATV high bars with hand guards, probably Moose Racing, rear cycle rack from cyclerack and a better skid plate. The sky is the limit on all the other stuff we can and do add but just be mindful that few buyers will fork over the added cash value and a bone stock TW will sell quicker than one that is highly decorated.

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