Incorrectly listed BW200 on SoCal C/L
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    This was listed as a TW this morning, if anyone's interested. Not a bad price if it's as clean as the pics make it appear.

    Also noticed this ad for those in the market for a new TW. Not a totally smokin' deal but it could result in a more reasonable OTD price than some have been reporting lately.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Heres a really good deal on a bw
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    There seem to be a number of bw200 bikes coming up for sale lately. Just saw one on ebay for about the same price in socal. Cool, but can't seem to justify another toy, unless it was a bw350 and even then doubtful since I still have many unfinshed projects. Of course if I could get one "tagged" for the street I might have to change my stance.

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    Is the BW good in sand? I have huge sandy hills near my house that the TDub never did well in.


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