A few TW parts - Moncton, NB, Canada
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Thread: A few TW parts - Moncton, NB, Canada

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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?

    A few TW parts - Moncton, NB, Canada

    I seem to be the only dot on the Member Map in my area, but in case there are lurkers, I'll offer this stuff up.

    I have a set of stock handlebars that got tweaked and replaced with Moose ATV-Hi bars. I straightened them out (well, damn near straight).
    Stock footpegs (one's a little bent) and the springs.
    That little seatbelt/grab strap that I took off the seat because it served no purpose to me...

    I also have a set of new brake shoes (rear) (Bought from a cheapie eBay store...likely fine for normal use, not so much for track days..hehe)
    A complete All-Balls front wheel bearing kit. (New and un-molested) Even has some stickers!!!! Oooooo...stickers....
    A JT stock size front sprocket. (also new and un-molested)
    The OEM chain. (has about 3500km on it, upgraded to a o-ring....it's showing some stretch/wear but might save your day if you need a spare)..complete with master link.

    Bring be a case of BudLight Lime (don't you dare judge me) and it's all yours. Not really looking to pack it, run around, get shipping rates, etc....
    If a member knows someone that can pick it up for them and get it to them, have at 'er.
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    Sounds like a fair offer to me....however I'm near Ottawa and I don't really need any of your booty but I'm sure someone will jump on it. Happy racing!!!
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    What kind of forum is this? He don't want your booty; but is sure someone else will jump on it! ...
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