WTB: TW200 without engine (and a spare wheel)
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Thread: WTB: TW200 without engine (and a spare wheel)

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    WTB: TW200 without engine (and a spare wheel)

    I haven't had mine long, but I'm already wanting more. Looking for one or two more TW's without engines. I've been itching to play with electric vehicles and the wife wont let me have any more cars until I sell some (not happening).

    First project would be for electric conversion. Don't need motor, fuel tank, gauges, any of the electrics (except brake switches), etc...

    Second project would be to see just how practical a bike I can make to meet the under 50cc (no tags/license/etc.., designated "moped", no requirement for pedals) exemption we have here in MO. Rule states "under 3 brake horsepower", but doesn't say anything about torque, as long as it doesn't go over 30mph.

    Also pondering a sidecar, so a straight spare (rear preferably) wheel is on my list as well.
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    Nice. What did you have in mind for the motor and batteries and charging? Might have an extra front rim, but not til I’m done with my winter projects (probably April). Cheers
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    I'll start with stuff I have laying around. 24V starter motor from some random/unknown military truck, controller out of the big robot, and a giant pile of NiMH cells (I think I have enough for a 30s2p arrangement). For charging, probably manual cycle on a current/voltage controllable bench supply until I sort out what its "final" configuration will be. I could see going BLDC with some LiFePO4 at some point, but motor Kv and voltage will depend on how it behaves with the junk stuff.

    It's (another) one of those "not in a big hurry and only if I can get things relatively cheap" type projects. I've already got plenty lined up for the `09 as it is.
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