WTB: footpegs, rear pegs, brake lever and kicker - '92
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    Looking to get some foot pegs, I bought my TW totally stripped down it's only got the right side foor peg and no passenger pegs. I'd like a left peg and possibly any rear pegs, but I might just weld something in back

    I also need a kicker because I haven't got a battery and the current kicker slams the right footpeg. I cant get enough kick to start it, and bump starting isnt' easy...

    I also need a rear brake lever and linkage, now that I've got this thing running, it'd be great if I could stop.

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    why does the kicker hit the footpeg??

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    the stop on it's kinda worn out I think, where it folds out. or it's the wrong kicker? it's from beay "off an 87" and my bikes a 92, dunno how much they changed. I don't really know why it hits. but it looks like I could possibly weld a glob in there so it sticks out more when the kicker's folded all the way out and then it might clear better.

    it'll kickstart fine without the peg

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    I've got some passenger pegs. I'll send you a PM

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