2014 TW200 and Adventure Trailer Package - Texas
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Thread: 2014 TW200 and Adventure Trailer Package - Texas

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    2014 TW200 and Adventure Trailer Package - Texas

    Too may toys, too little time, too few cool places to ride in North Texas.

    Am selling the TW and custom trailer, throwing in a kayak and bike.

    on Craigslist here:


    000 loading mc to trailer.jpg

    001 mc and trailer.jpg
    002 trailer and kayak.jpg
    004 chuckbox.jpg
    005 sleeping platform.jpg

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    I love it, well done sir! If this were 5 or 6’ wide I’d be on my way... Just not sure I can squeeze the with the wife into 4’. How long is the bed platform?
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    Thank you,

    The sleeping platform is 47" wide and 88" long. I shortened it a bit to allow the chuck box to open when the bed is in use. A full size inflatable Coleman mattress fits fine, just rolls up a bit on the sides. The height is limited so you basically have to crawl in and out.

    I only sleep inside when its raining or snowing The platform was originally designed to attach to the outside of the trailer and support a small tent before the trailer was fully enclosed. Now I generally use a hammock. The dogs sleep in the trailer unless my new wife comes along. Then she gets the inside and the dogs are on their own.

    One of my reasons for selling is to build a larger lightweight trailer for long distance travel without the TW.

    01 tent bed 3570.jpg
    02 bikini top.jpg
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    Very nice!

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    Very sweet and reminds me of a guy I know every time I look in a mirror! You are clearly a man with way too much time on your hands.

    My wife always says, "I have no problem with what ever you want to buy but I always wonder what you are going to do to it after you get it to make it better".

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