In search of clutch cover
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    In search of clutch cover

    Okay all, I just got a TW200 for my dad as a fathers day present, really excited to give it to him. He gave up his bike when we were kids and has never had the money to get another even now that we are out of the house 30 years later. It is a 87 with 37-- miles on it and after a valve adjustment and some carb work it runs beautifully.
    Only problem now is that it has a big crack in the clutch cover. I have looked for a used one and even new and can't find anything for it. Does anyone have one laying around that they would sell me? You would be doing me a huge favor and be helping a really deserving father with an amazing gift.

    thanks all,


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    Welcome to the forum. That's a thoughtful Fathers Day gift. I'm sure he'll love it. I can't help you with a cover but hopefully someone can help you out.

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