fugly FMF Powercore pipe with Quietcore insert and fresh packing
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Thread: fugly FMF Powercore pipe with Quietcore insert and fresh packing

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    fugly FMF Powercore pipe with Quietcore insert and fresh packing

    Like i said, this is fugly. It was what was on my bike when I bought it. Fugly black spraypaint job for that super stealth look... (thanks previous owner) Like new inside, with fresh packing (though it didnt need it) and a quietcore insert. Still too loud for me, so I went a different route.

    80.00 shipped anywhere in the US that doesnt cost me more than 80bux....

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    One mans fugly is another man black beautiful exhaust. Heck I almost missed the exhaust pipe after spotting the red shock boots.
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    I'm really digging the 70's style subframe rail loop thing. Is that homemade?

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    PM Sent

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    Personally - I'll take the seat .....
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    Haha, Thanks gents. This board really knows how to lift my spirits after a lame day.

    The pipe has sold, sorry guys.

    -Methosaur, It was on there when I picked the bike up. It definitely doesnt look homemade, especially next to the .... special.... homemade work the previous owner did. I don't have it on the bike anymore, but it's for sale. If you're interested you can DM me.

    -Purple, Right?! I love it. It was atrocious when I got it (bright red vinyl), but i dug the quilted look the previous owner went for with his custom upholstery job, so I thought i'd try some SEM colorcote dye. Worked the business as always, and I love that brown.

    The bike is now in pieces getting the hollow-ish mod finished, but this was it a week or so ago.
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    Hey, Billdapart -

    What kind of tire is this?
    I've been looking for something like that front tread pattern.
    How do you like it?

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    It's a F*ckstone...! lol... no...

    But I believe I've seen that one before.
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    Hey Darth, sorry it took me so long to respond. I've been out sick for quite a bit. It's a Shinko SR241 with a tubeliss system. Has worked really well for me so far!
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    I'd like more info on the tubeless system...being able to plug a tire on the trail to get home would be a plus.

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