Free rear spokes
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    I'll be stripping a rear wheel tomorrow if anyone's cruising around on a broken spoke or two.

    IIRC there are four different lengths of spokes. When I take them off I'll bundle them in groups of four, one bundle per victim til they're gone.

    PM your info if you're in need.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

    Powdercoated '87 frame, extended swingarm, YZ fork legs, ATV tire, 14/55, XT350 tank, spliced quick-release seat, disc brake conversion, beeg headlight, beeger rack, Lizrdcooler, Lizrdventz and bunch of other stuff all covered in invisible ink.

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    I don't need any spokes. I just wanted to congratulate you for being such a nice guy (to offer these up for free).

    I'm sure it won't be long until they are all spoken for.

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    I hope I can use these to repair the three broken spokes shown in the attached images. I know it is best to lace up all new spokes, but since I'm working on an '87 (ugh) I want to avoid spending $ until I exhaust every cheapskate method. Nothing cheaper than free stuff from your internet forum friends.

    lzrdbrth, I PMd you with my info.

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