Here I have a pair of carbs for the TW. One is the real thing "Old Style" From between 1987-2000. It is in good condition, clean inside and out and with no broken parts such as the float posts. It probably will require a rebuild kit but I never had it on a bike to see if it is functioning or not.

The second carb is one of the Chinese knock off carbs that fit both of the boot joints of the engine and air box side of all TWs between 1987-2000. It is brand new, never been on a bike and I have no idea how they perform other than reading other reports from members who are very happy with them. It has ISO Performance stamped on the body. There are a few good threads here on what needs to be done for the throttle cable hook up as this style only requires one cable while the TW throttle has 2 for the push/pull action.

I will also include some new and used internal parts for the real TW carb that I have purchased but never used. This includes a new float needle and seat valve, new main jet needle, numerous float bowl screws both JIS and Hex heads and one of the original main jet needles with 5 adjustable step positions.

$175 gets it all and this includes USPS priority shipping to the lower 48 states.

PM me if you want it.