WTB: OEM muffler for 2000 TW
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Thread: WTB: OEM muffler for 2000 TW

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    Middle of the Texas Panhandle, more or less

    WTB: OEM muffler for 2000 TW

    First post here. I've been enjoying this forum for years. The photos and stories finally inspired me to find a T-dub of my own. Picked up a 2000 model with with a little over 7,000 miles for less than $1,000. It's in pretty rough condition. Will need some attention before it is ride ready. I've decided to start with the muffler. The original was totally rusted out on the back side. Don't really want to pay $200+ for an after market. Hoping to find one in good condition.

    Thanks for looking at my post.
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    Welcome to the forum Amatduber!

    Congrats on your new TW. If you let us know where you are located, it might help you find someone who can help you out with a muffler.

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    Welcome to the forum Amatduber from Ontario Canada. I second TW-Brian comment about letting us know where about you are located. I would expect a muffler would not be to hard to find from someones parts bike.
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    Middle of the Texas Panhandle, more or less
    TW-Brian & Mr. Miaugi, thanks for the welcome and suggestion. I'm located in Amarillo, Texas.
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    Welcome, I'm in Houston Texas. Have fun on the new ride.

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    Welcome from Bel Air MD
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    I think I have one off a 2017 (let me check storage to make sure I didn't get rid of it before confirming) that I will let go real cheap if you want to pay shipping and can't find something closer. I'm in So Cal currently.

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    Hi Amatduber!

    Hey, I'm your neighbor...right down in Timbercreek Canyon! Know where our little village is? About 6-7 miles South of S. loop 335, on S. Osage, next door to Palisades.
    I thought I was the only "Tdubber" in the area!

    I'm converting my 2014 to a full stainless exhaust system and I have the OE header & muff.
    But...when I sell this bike I will put the OE system back on it. Nobody wants a used bike with trick exhaust!
    But...if it would get you on the road any sooner, I would be happy to loan my OE parts to you while you search for a used replacement.
    Mine is virtually brand-new...only 950 miles, no dents, dings, scrapes or rust!

    All I would ask is that you commit to finding a replacement as soon as you can.
    There are always some on eBay, muffs, headers or both.
    I've been watching it closely the last 2-3 months, looking for a stainless header for my bike...found it, bought it, prepping it for install!
    I have to admit...I'm just queer for stainless steel!

    Oh, I also have a number of other OE take-offs from my bike that I would sell...you need to come out and take a look.

    I'll PM you with my contact info...even if you don't use my exhaust we need to get together and talk Tdubs!
    As you know, not too many good off-road or even off-pavement areas to ride around here. But, believe it or not, I've been exploring some interesting places inside or near the Amarillo city limits that are good for a quicky ride, or longer if you string them together.
    Also some good county roads SE of here in Canadian River breaks & ranch-land, north of Silverton, Quitaque & Turkey. Or, the old (paved) standby, the road S. of Claude to the "overlook", Lake McKenzie, etc.
    Frankly, I'd explore our area a lot more if I had a wingman!

    I'm retired and at home much of the time, now up to my eyeballs in a big project on my bike. So, c'mon down!

    PS - Sounds like a great offer from Commandog...what a great little "club" we have here...
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    I also have a 2000. I just found a muffler, almost brand new, off a 2013 based on a lead from a forum member on here and installed it one my bike yesterday. Even though they all look the same and the part number is the same on every parts house, from 2000 and before up to the present models, the mounting site for the middle mounting bolt is slightly different on the newer one compared to my muffler. The bolt on the newer muffler is about an inch farther forward than the mounting tab on my frame, ie., an inch farther forward than the bolt on my muffler, which matches up to my bike. The attachment at the rear, under the seat and frame matches up, the attachment to the exhaust pipe matches up, and the muffler is pretty solid without that middle bolt attachment to the frame, but I made a short extension bracket out of aluminum to bridge the gap and fix it at that middle mounting point too. So be prepared for that, the newer mufflers may not be an exact fit as far as the mounting points go and you may have to fudge something to make it right.
    Good luck with the bike, when you're all done, you'll love it.
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    Apr 2018
    Middle of the Texas Panhandle, more or less
    Thanks, Ken. I spent seven years in H-town before making the jump to the Texas Panhandle over 17 years ago. Having grown up in SE Texas, I was sure happy to head to a drier climate. Having 4 million less close neighbors was also a bit of a relief, but I sill love that part of Texas. My folks are still there and I make the pilgrimage back a few times a year. Hope you guys are recovering well from Harvey's flood last year.

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