Please note the following when responding to any ad placed in the Classified section:

As a potential buyer for anything posted here, it is up to you to do “due diligence” beforehand. Look at the sellers posting history, how well respected the seller is, and whether or not the seller is “known” to the community. Beware of sending money to someone who’s first and only post on the board reads “I have the part you are after, send me the money”.

Sounds simple huh — but you’d be surprised. Just because this forum has a reputation for honesty and politeness, does not mean that we cannot be targeted on occasion by scammers.

Always use something like Paypal, or a credit card for your added protection. That way, if it does all go horribly wrong, at least you stand a chance of getting your money back. Scams are exceedingly rare on this board, but we need your help to keep it that way.

Check the postage costs before entering into an agreement — the cost of the part may be worth it, but the cost of postage may not.

Like I said — “due diligence” — in all aspects.

Finally — anything you decide to buy or sell on this board constitutes a “private deal” between the parties concerned. The operative word in that sentence is “private”. The Moderators, Admin staff, and the boards owners cannot be held responsible if it goes wrong, and will not get involved in any disputes. Period. Sounds harsh, but that’s the way it is for more reasons than you can shake a stick at.

As with any private deal, we are not here to judge, moderate, or take sides.

So — check the seller — check the postage — then check your (potentially refundable) payment options.

As always, you can report anything at any time to the mods, (we like to keep an eye on things). But as said earlier, we cannot get directly involved in what is, after all, a private deal ……….