Wtb kickstart kit
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Thread: Wtb kickstart kit

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    Wtb kickstart kit

    I'm looking to get ahold of a kickstart kit if there is someone out there who has one collecting dust and willing to sell it.


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    Sorry I can't help you out with a kicker kit but would like to welcome you to the forum. I was in Oahu 40 years ago and would love to visit again, especially taking in some scenery on my T-Dub! Good luck with your search for a kicker!
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    I am pretty sure you are a little late to the party but others may know where one can be had. May I suggest that you search for an old motor in the years prior to 2001 and even if the motor is trashed the kicker parts are all the same and probably in perfectly good condition. Simply pay close attention to how it comes out and reverse the process putting it back into your motor. You can also take it from any XT225 that might have had the kit installed with just one small part needed to allow the kick crank to pass by the frame. So and TW 200 from 1987 -2000 has it and some XT 225s also had them. Kits were sold for the XT 225 bikes that did not come stock with the kicker and we figured out the one single part needed for a TW is the kick shaft boss. There is some dealer out on the west coast, Bay Area Yamaha I think and they were making the kits from individually sourced Yamaha parts until a few of the parts were no longer being manufactured. You might try them. Honestly though, finding a trashed engine or even a completely wasted parts bike will likely be your best and cheapest alternative.


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    Thanks for the welcome miaugi,
    And thanks Gary for the great advice. I did find someone with a kit so I'm pretty stoked! Hawaii is a great place for a tw, slow speed limits and warm year round.
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    You'll need parts 1-15 and 21. Part 15 is the whole kicker assembly in the dotted box, and 21 is a plastic plug.
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    21 says it is a bolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmroxo View Post
    21 says it is a bolt.
    Welcome to the forum KM!

    You are correct, item 20 is the plug.

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