Ilke many on here, i was unhappy with the stock pegs. Last year, while looking for larger pegs, I saw on an xt225 forum what looked to be solid pegs, at a reasonable price. i contacted DMO Specialties, but their reply was "Sorry I don't make them for the TW200."

I said thanks, but sent them a few links to threads on this forum looking for larger pegs.

After a week or so, Bill, the owner and builder at DMO emailed me back and said "OK let's do this. If you'll be willing to be my tester, I'll build a prototype, let you have them make improvements, and then sell them."

Six+ months later, here we are:

New brand specific TW200 footpegs have been in the design and testing phase for six months. All testing is complete and manufacturing has begun. These footpegs will be available early to mid April from DMO Specialties. The price including shipping will be under $60. The new footpegs are larger and eliminate the offset stagger that the stock footpegs have. They are a true bolt-on, with no welding or modifications required.

Bill is a rider himself, and has asked questions of me and another tester (who may reveal himself during this process), the result: these pegs are great!

These photos are my original prototype, but there will be pics on DMO's site.

As I've stated before: I've received a set of prototype pegs and receiving a final powder coated set, but otherwise have no gain from this. I just was looking for another choice of pegs for our great bike, and i'm happy to have played a small part in bringing these forward. Ride on!