Need a carb, any carb...
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    Need a carb, any carb...

    Anyone have a good working carburetor for the tw they can sell? I'm fighting the one I've got and am tired lol new style old style either or. Thanks

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    Pm sent

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    I will have a brand spanking new "New Style" carb in a few days. I ordered a new "Old style" from a dealer and just found out they sent me a new style, possibly 2001 and newer because they did not have the old ones. I can return it for a full refund or sell it to you for the exact cost plus shipping to you.

    I think trying to jury rig a new style carb on a 1991 old style bike would be more of a PITA than it is worth. You can see the price I paid at the site but I think right around $291.80 if memory serves me. So for around $300 you can have a brand new OEM carb that should drop right in and get you going for a long time.

    If anyone wants it drop me a PM quick before I return it and NO, I am not making any deals for low balls because it is their mistake and I can send it back for the full refund.

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