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    2008 Tw230

    The time has come to sell my 2008 tw200. There has been a lot of time and work put into this bike through out the years. Under 2000 miles, under 400 on the new engine. The engine was built by ronnydog and features a ttr 225 crank, cylinder bored to 230, and a high comp piston. Stock valve train, Hd clutch plates and springs. With this engine set up, you can spin the rear tire up to 3rd gear..and 5th gear becomes more useable. That's unheard of out of a tw. There's a jimbo sheild, riders and ATV bars with hand guards, raised front fender, wider foot pegs, extended swing arm, 55,50,62 and 70 tooth sprocket, 428 o-ring chain, FMF exhaust, Banshee shock with tw spring and spacer, skid plate, cycle rack, 4 gallon Clark xt225 tank, brand new front tire and new hd tube, dura ATV tire mounted on the back as well. I set this bike up for everything that i needed to do long trail rides thru the woods here in AZ. it may not suit your riding needs, which is why some of the stock parts are still available. Its been a great bike and the extra power is great, but due to work reasons i have lost interest and unable to ride like i use to. It needs the carb pulled, cleaned and jetting messed with. Works perfect at 7,000 ft but not so much at lower elevations. A small oil leak where the head meets the case. Front brake seems to loose pressure after a few days. Been this way since i bought it and just gotten use to it. Rear brake could be adjusted a bit better.
    I have seen a few 08's go for the mid to high 2,000 range. Based on the amount of accessories i have id like to get 3,300 for this set up. I am located in Gilbert AZ and could work something out if the buyer is out of state.

    2008 TW200 with a super cool exhaust

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    We gunna miss you, Pinky..

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

    Powdercoated '87 frame, extended swingarm, YZ fork legs, ATV tire, 14/55, XT350 tank, spliced quick-release seat, disc brake conversion, beeg headlight, beeger rack, Lizrdcooler, Lizrdventz and bunch of other stuff all covered in invisible ink.

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