It's getting to be the chilly time of year and I have a brand new, never worn pair of Venture City Collection heated gloves. Although Venture makes motorcycle specific gloves I picked these so they could be used for cold weather bicycling as well. This pair was for the wife who, as it turns out will never plant her back side on a saddle of any kind if it is actually cold enough to need heated gloves (deep sigh). They are large and will fit you if you typically wear mediums.

These gloves are battery powered so no electric umbilical cord to the bike. My use is in temps down no lower then mid thirties but normally lower forties and up. On the coldest days I would wish for better wind protection but I am extra sensitive as both hands have suffered frost bite.

The MSRP on these is $180. This pair I am asking $100 for. Send me a PM if interested.

Battery Heated Gloves - City Collection by VentureHeat