any one with a stock or after market muffer for sale?
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    any one with a stock or after market muffer for sale?

    I had a little crash a few months ago and dented the old muffler, It now rattles, and makes more noise! So I am thinking of replacing it with stock or after market any one have any thing? I live in Rossland BC Canada but I can have stuff shipped to Washington and bring it over myself any way what ya got?
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    stock 2006 muffler

    small dent ready to ship usps to washington. shipping is $40. so i will take $60. shipped usps.
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    I've got a new one off of a 2013 in perfect condition w/o heat shield. $75 OBO plus shipping if you're interested.

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    Seattle, Wa.

    Do you ever get down to the Seattle area? If so, I have a couple.


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