Pick up truck ramps
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    Pick up truck ramps

    For years I have had a trailer for my bike, but recently I bought a Tacoma pick-em-up truck and I would like to use the full width (3 piece, folding) aluminum ramps I have for the trailer. Problem is the trailer ramps are only 5 feet long and I really need 6-7 feet for the Tacoma. Yeah, I can back up to an incline or curb and make 5 feet work, but I'd really like the longer ramps. Gonna go to a welding shop sometime this week to see what they can do. Anybody got a good suggestion ?


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    I use a 2x4 width wise 8ft long and another 2x4 stood on end screwed to the bottom of it with the ends cut at an angle so it rests on the ground easily (not tippy) while loading into my CJ7. My dropgate height is even with tacoma 4x4s and 8' is as short as I'd go. If your tacoma is a stock height 4x2, you'll PROBABLY be fine.
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    You can get these ramp ends that you put into a 2x8 (link below) and they usually come in pairs. I take two 2x8s with the ramp ends next to each other, and then put a length of plywood over the entire ramp, with a couple inches left on the ground. This is how I get the Hayabusa in the truck, or sometimes the TW. Load the bike (or bikes) then lay the ramp down flat in the bed. I think I have 8' lengths. Works great with the tailgate down!

    Cheap too! But the whole assembly weights almost a hundred pounds so you get a workout unloading and loading it! Have been using it since August 2011 though, been holding strong!!


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