FS: Upgradekit for TW125 from to 200 ccm
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    FS: Upgradekit for TW125 from to 200 ccm


    I've cleaned up a bit my storage and I've found a complete conversion kit from 125 to 200 ccm.

    This kit includes:
    - cylinder head with optimized combustion chamber, new valves and new cam bearing (ball bearing, better as the alu sleeve)
    - 200 ccm cylinder with a new 68 mm Wiseco piston with increased compression 10.5:1
    - 200 ccm crankshaft with 55.7 mm stroke
    - complete top end gasket kit (o-rings are installed)

    Condition of the parts
    - complete rebuild cylinder head, close to a new one (new valves, gaskets, bearing)
    - no question, the cylinder is like new -> now bore + new piston = complete new
    - crankshaft with bearings and con rod is absolute OK, everything is in spec

    The price list:
    150,00 EUR - cylinder head
    120,00 EUR - crank shaft 55,7mm
    120,00 EUR - cylinder 67,0mm
    45,48 EUR - cylinder hone up to 0,5mm oversize
    123,39 EUR (instead of 145,58 EUR) - Wiseco 68,0mm (BIHR-4292P4)
    46,08 EUR (instead of 55,82 EUR) - TKRJ valve kit (GS-YY0300_1300a)
    2,71 EUR (instead of 4,17 EUR) - spark plug NGK DR8EA
    5,30 EUR (instead of 6,91 EUR) - cam shaft ball bearing (SKF 6005)
    66,70 EUR (instead of 72,26 EUR) - top end gasket kit
    0,00 EUR (instead of 60,00 EUR) - optimized combustion chamber
    0,00 EUR (instead of 14,00 EUR) - grinding in the valves
    0,00 EUR (instead of 60,00 EUR) - disassemble and assemble of the complete cylinderhead
    0,00 EUR (instead of 5,90 EUR) - shipping by DHL (5,90 is for Germany)
    -> !!!!free shipping inside of Europe!!!! <-
    -> !!!!only 20,00 EUR for world wide shipping!!!!<-
    679,67 EUR (instead of 860,12 EUR) - total
    -> 180,45 EUR saved

    If you want, you can also get:
    21,82 EUR (instead of 28,85 EUR) - new timing chain (Mat-7413040)
    5,60 EUR (instead of 7,46 EUR) - oil filter (HF143)
    250,97 EUR (instead of 272,59 EUR) - 28 mm Mikuni flatside carb kit for DE01 (TWP-125_VM28_DE01)
    221,01 EUR (statt 238,15 EUR) - 28 mm Mikuni flatside carb kit for DE05 (TWP-125_VM28_DE05)

    These prices are fixed. Some prices are now strong reduced and a lot of my working time is for free.

    This is an good priced offer for the European market.
    So, get it.

    The parts are ready to ship.
    When I get the payment, I will try to send the parts at the same day.

    Best regards,
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